Corporate Tastings

As the cliché goes, wine is a social lubricant that not only speaks to people but also allows them to better reveal themselves, providing the ideal atmosphere for discussion around a cocktail party, a seminar, a coaching or team-building session. Looking to celebrate an anniversary or promotion, thank a customer, or offer a unique gift? How about the perfect platform for a product launch? The Studio Vin team will evaluate your needs to best optimize your efforts by tailoring themes customized for your unique event.

Clients who have used the services of Studio Vin, with examples of themes customized for cocktail parties, launches and other special events

CIBC Wood Gundy – The four families of wine
Gestion Privée, Caisse Populaire Desjardins – Is wine a good investment?

Imperial Tobacco – Are you a muscular, solid, slender or round type when it comes of describing the physiology and psychology of wine?

Association du camionnage du Québec – Wine routes and the role of terroir
Essilor – Clarity, transparency and luminosity : Wine as looking through clean glasses.
Galerie Bilodeau – Wine as a piece of art
Bibliothèque Robert Bourrassa – What makes a “grand” wine?
Chapelle Historique du Bon Pasteur – The musicality of wine
Lancement de la Mercedes Série «S» – The mecanics of wine
Club privé Le Parloir – Champagne!
Les Chocolats Andrée – Sweet wine and chocolate pairings
Croesus Software – Does innovation have a direct impact on wine when we are considering quality?