CAFÉ BAZIN – Season 2019

Café Bazin (380 Victoria Ave. in Westmount) is Ground Zero for Studio Vin where amateurs as well as seasoned oenophiles gather in the intimacy of a warm neighbourhood bistro to meet, taste and exchange ideas. As of 6:30 p.m., this charming café offers ateliers and classes with specific themes (The ABCs of Wine Tasting, Varietals, Wine Terroirs, Wine Vocabulary, Sweet Wines etc.) as well as meet/greet/taste sessions with visiting winemakers.

Cost. $55 + tax: $63.24

  • Six glasses of wine per session
  • 20 participants per class maximum
  • Two hours of instruction, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Your host: Jean Aubry, wine columnist at Le Devoir

TERROIR sessions will provide the opportunity to explore different winemaking regions and varietals, as well as how the local gastronomy reflects a region’s wines. The principal wine producing countries will be featured, beginning with France.

ABCs of wine tasting. A session focused on learning about how to taste wine using simple terms and ideas, avoiding too much in the way of pretentious wine-speak. Ideal for beginners.

25th March: ABCs of wine tasting – 20 places available


8th April : Bugundy – 20 places available

22nd April : ABCs of wine tasting – 20 places available


13th May: The Loire Valley – 20 places available

10th June: Summer rosés! – 20 places available

Home testing

The moderator can also host events in your home, customizing a wine tasting to you needs, with or without food pairings. Studio Vin will furnish the wines, glassware and recommend a caterer if need be. Extra costs for transportation are applicable.

  • we can suggest themes for your tasting
  • create a budget according to your specifications
  • Free transport in the Island of Montreal